Behind the Velvet Crumb


Behind the Velvet Crumb

My name is Karen. I am a T.C.U. graduate (with a B.A. in Interior Design and a minor in art). I established the Velvet Crumb here in Fort Worth to use my passion of cooking and art to help women and children who are victims of domestic abuse, poverty, and sexual exploitation procure opportunities to know their self worth.

Here is my story... I fell in love with creating in the kitchen very early in life. At the age of three, I dragged a chair to the kitchen counter and dipped my finger into the shortening, sugar, and cocoa. I sampled the mixture and discovered how great it tastes to combine flavors with cream and sugar.

From that moment on, I was mixing and creating in the kitchen. My mother, who is a fabulous cook and baker, taught me how to make a pasty bag out of parchment paper for designing flowers on cakes and cookies. She gave me full access to her kitchen, as well as her vast culinary knowledge.

I've always loved celebrating with friends and family over delicious food. As a natural progression, I started hosting parties for my mom and dad's friends in our home at a very early age. The desire to gather people together over food has never stopped. I love seeing the joy food can bring to any occasion, and I also enjoy spreading the joy of creating food to people who are reluctant to step into a kitchen.