Welcome to the velvet crumb!

We're a boutique-style cookie studio that specializes in creating spectacular custom sugar cookies. We've spent countless hours tweaking our recipes, using the finest all-natural ingredients in each hand-crafted batch to create custom cookies that are moist, delicious and unique.

Our studio creates delicious treats to make your special event a sweet success. We would be delighted to serve you and we know you'll be savoring our treats down to the last velvety crumb.

The possibilities are endless. Check out some of our custom designs here!


Our mission:

     We are cookies with a cause. By using the creative process of baking and decorating, we help women and children in need find their worth in the love of God.

     A portion of all proceeds are donated to River Tree Academy and The Net, which are local ministries dedicated to assist people in the community who are victims of homelessness, poverty, and sexual exploitation.